Yellow River Blue & Les Pouches macération

Yellow River Blue & Les Pouches macération

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In the winter of 2019, the Vancouver-based Chinese musician Yu Su traveled from Qingdao on the west coast of the Yellow Sea to Xining, the largest city on the Tibetan Plateau. During this tour, which corresponded to both ends of the Yellow River, she encountered musical artists and enthusiasts at the foreground of the explosive leftfield electronic scene across China and was inspired to participate and contribute. Through the carefully chosen symbols and imageries in Yu Su's music, you can see her intention to disturb the boundaries of "traditional and modern", "central and peripheral", and "self and other", as well as her gentle and clear self-portrait. Sailing a light boat in an increasingly turbulent current, Yu Su raises an ancient canvas with a sense of ease, to guide a new direction for herself and for the chaotic winds of the world. Yellow River Blue by Yu Su, Vancouver,  Music from Memory vinyl version 2020 💎 Smart delicate motifs in constant evolution. Les Pouches macération 2020, Chenin by François Saint-Lô, Loire

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