Parallel Traces of the Jewel Voice & Les Pouches deuxième amphore

Parallel Traces of the Jewel Voice & Les Pouches deuxième amphore

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Takuro Lippit’s project that takes inspiration from historical narratives and personal memories constructed around The Jewel Voice Broadcast (Gyokuon Hoso) that took place on August 15 of 1945. Contrary to common belief, Emperor Hirohito did not speak live on air to announce the surrender of Japan on this day. Instead, two lathe-cut discs with his recorded voice were skillfully mixed and played by NHK engineer Shizuto Haruna. Haruna’s proto-DJ/turntablist performance was heard not only in Japan but also throughout the colonized territories in Asia, marking the end of World War II and Japanese rule. Interested in these aspects which often have been overlooked within the Japanese narratives of this historical event, dj sniff conducted research in both Taiwan and Japan. Over the course of 3 years he collected various materials that include; interviews and field recordings, audio samples extracted from phonograph discs and recordings sessions with improvising musicians, and a re-reading of the Imperial Rescript on Surrender in Chinese. The vinyl release is a multi-sided disc with two parallel grooves cut on one side, which in effect plays a different composition depending on where the stylus is cued. The other side has no audio but features two silkscreened lines that refer to how Haruna played the original lathe-cut discs. Parallel Traces of the Jewel Voice by dj sniff, Tokyo, Discrepant 2022 💎 The narratives are challenged by the exploration of new ways of chenin, resulting in an outcome that makes the compositions as daunting as they are enthralling. Les Pouches deuxième amphore 2020, Chenin by François Saint-Lô, Loire

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