November & Jus de Vilain

November & Jus de Vilain

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Excerpt from 'Virtual Concept City’: 13th September 1985: […] They entered the building through a large posh entrance and went through corridors towards the back of the building - the decor deteriorating the further they went. They arrived 40 minutes early and so went straight out the back of the building to 'The Dover Castle' pub. At 1:00pm they returned and met the cutting engineer who turned out to be George 'Porky' Peckham. Mr Concept was thrilled to see that only the finest engineers were being employed by Cordelia Records, as of course is the norm here in CONCEPT CITY. The studio was a single room with a cutting deck, a tape deck and racks of equipment and what a mess! Boxes of acetates everywhere, empty glasses, posters and fag ends […] 13 instrumental tracks of samples and noise entirely produced upon 4-track portastudio for your pleasure and discourse. MR CONCEPT! - November - Platform 23, 2019 Reissue (London) 1985
Volcanic Gamay brimming over with steady laid back energy. From the lower slopes of the vineyard, which is more productive. Full-bodied rustic red wine, macerated red fruit on the nose, cassis explosion on the palate, nice bitterness on the finish. Would be perfect to enjoy it on a rainy November day in a pub in CONCEPT CITY. FRANÇOIS DHUMES - Jus de Vilain - Gamay d’Auvergne (Auvergne) 2020


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