Music for living spaces & De l‘air 2018

Music for living spaces & De l‘air 2018

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« Leaving Records presents Music For Living Spaces, the debut LP by non-binary Los Angeles-based artist Green-House. Olive Ardizoni helms the project, which made its debut with the charming 2019 EP Six Songs for Invisible Gardens. Music for Living Spaces represents an evolution of its predecessor’s minimalist compositions into songs that move with winsome melodies and emotional arcs. Though recorded during a pandemic, the transporting nature of Music For Livings Spaces offers a remedy for dreariness. Ardizoni states, “I’m trying to hit that part of the brain that’s affected by the emotional state that you’re in when you perceive something as cute.” » Music for Living Spaces by Green-House, Leaving Records 2021, California 💎 Aromatic universe on the nose. Swaying in warm sea breeze, lots of frothy energy that goes hand in hand with a gentle, generous texture rolling over the palate. Ripeness that melts on the tongue like green olive oil washed down with hibiscus lemonade, past poached pears and ending on salty candied ginger. Chenin and terroir play mischievously around each other. De l’Air 2018, Sparkling Chenin by Jérôme Lambert, Loire

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