About us

After five years of crazy gastronomy experience in Berlin as operators of the jaja wine bar, we decided to go one step further and focus explicitly on wine and its distribution.

Behind Return of the Living Wine is the idea to share wines that are close to our hearts, that motivate, inspire and simply give pleasure. These are wines from small wineries, produced by winemakers who work with passion and feeling for their environment. A pleasure similar to an author's film or artisan raw milk cheese, whose production does not exceed certain quantities.

We carefully taste and select all the wines you find here and know the winemakers. We offer wines that we like to drink ourselves.

It is particularly important for us to travel to the vineyards and wineries to understand the people who devote themselves entirely to the wine and the vines, and we like to be inspired by their enthusiasm and verve. Tracing terroir, the fundamental place where vines live deeply rooted, we encounter old and new grape varieties and methods that have been forgotten in mechanized winemaking due to their labor-intensive time commitment. Again and again we are amazed by the character of the wines and their similarity to the diverse mentalities of the producers.

We hope you enjoy discovering and awakening your spirits, far away from industrial standards.

Julia & Etienne