Natural wine is more than a question of taste. Wine produced with respect for nature interests us beyond the pleasure of enjoying this ethereal beverage, because we believe in the values and practices that its winemakers represent. This is the motivation that leads us to work with this natural cultural asset.

Like the winegrowers, we are convinced that it is time to question our consumption habits, that sustainability and quality have a relationship with quantity and that, accordingly, productivity should find new ways. We are convinced that social exchange, community and conviviality are the basis for a happy society and that this can only succeed on a planet where nature is taken seriously by culture. In private as well as in professional life. The result of other strategies can hardly be denied anymore.

Amazonisation has already taken hold of the online wine trade, and we are conscious of following the stoic example of the winegrowers we work with and not letting our sales practices grow into a contradiction to the meaning and value of the product. Natural wine is a pleasure product in which an enormous amount of initiative, care, creativity, courage, good will and hope are involved, and we want to respect that at all costs.

We put a focus on editorial content. Portraits and interviews are intended to give a better understanding of the work of the winemakers and the community that supports them. At its best, drinking natural wine also means engaging with the stories of the winemakers. With their personalities and practices, their efforts and doubts that often lead to new paths, because winemaking that respects nature is the antithesis of the formalized processes of mass production.

Part of our ambition is to help you discover new talents. Winemakers who are taking their first steps, established winemakers who are not in the spotlight and wine regions that receive less attention. As natural wine today is in danger of being interpreted as a fashionable and mass product, we offer an alternative to price speculation, trophyism, hype and the cult of star winemakers. We encourage you to follow our work and try something new with curiosity and delight.