Vignoble Le Temps d'Aimer

    Vignoble Le Temps d'Aimer

    François Maudet und Romain Jos

    Frankreich / Loire

    Le vignoble Le Temps d'Aimer are two childhood friends, François Maudet and Romain Jos, who decided to devote themselves to their passion, wine, together and part-time. Besides their respective jobs, they also helped on the vineyard of Jean Christophe Garnier, thanks to whom they were then able to acquire some vines. Today, the 2.70 hectare estate on the plateau of Saint Lambert Du Lattay is made up of old vines (50-60 years old) and young vines (10-25 years old) planted with Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay and Pineau d'Aunis for the reds and some rare Chenin vines for the whites. Initially for their own use, they now also vinify some cuvées for the trade.
    The simple joy that their collaboration brings is reflected in their wines, wines that are made to be drunk, just as they themselves enjoy taking the time to meet friends for a glass in their small cellar. Their wines are fruity and open-hearted, vinified without much extraction, rather infusions to bring out the natural minerality that the slate soils in this part of Anjou bring. François and Romain can spontaneously decide to release cuvées only in magnum bottles if they feel the wine will grow from them, or to make several fillings of the same cuvée to highlight a different typicity each time.
    A beautiful terroir, a gentle vinification, time and a good intuition in the ripening process and so an almost unknown micro-domaine can press extraordinary wines that give us the impression that it is easy to make great wine.

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