Romuald Valot

    Domaine des Celliers

    France / Beaujolais

    Romuald is a very discreet Beaujolais winemaker. Rather by chance, we came across one of his bottles a few years ago. We were so excited by it that we decided to visit him to learn more about his work. Son of a winemaker in the Hautes Côtes de Nuits in Burgundy, he made wine for some great estates before turning to Beaujolais, disappointed by the way wine is too often made in Burgundy.

    Romuald settles on the heights of Beaujeu and buys parcels of old vines, which he farms as naturally as possible. Some plots he leaves to grow free and wild, in some he plants trees. His unabashed practice is based on low yields, with a focus on the quality of the grapes harvested.

    What surprised us on our visit was the simplicity of the cellar. From the humble place where he vinifies, an incredible jewel of finesse emerges. This confirms the virtuosity of this winemaker, which provoked us when we tasted his wines.

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