Renaud Boyer

    Renaud Boyer

    Frankreich / Burgund

    Renaud is a discreet winemaker, which suits those who know and love his micro-production. In Meursault, Côte de Beaune, he runs a small wing of his family's vast estate, where they have been making wine since around 1850. In this corner of Burgundy, where, according to Renaud, barely 10% of the vineyards are organic, much less sulphur-free, his winemaking philosophy makes him a bit of an ugly duckling.

    In 2004, with an engineering degree in his pocket, his uncle Thierry Guyot, a pioneer in organic and biodynamic farming, gave him 3 hectares on the Côte de Beaune. In his father's historic cellar, Renaud now vinifies with an economy of means that must make the village's famous wineries laugh. But when he works as naturally as possible, you sense that his engineering studies have not been in vain, for Renaud is extremely precise in his approach. He understands every stage and every subtlety of the processes, supported by an elaborate discourse that specifies what, in his mind, a Burgundy wine should be. Above all, it is a wine that corresponds to its terroir and to a specific vintage. A grape juice that has little in common with the standardized products of oenologists that dominate Burgundy.

    We had the opportunity to visit Renaud in Meursault last winter, and the Pinots we tasted were certainly the finest we drank last year.

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