Raphaël Monnier

    Frankreich / Jura

    A history and geography teacher, already a wine lover, when Raphaël Monnier moved to Arc et Senans, north of Arbois, in the middle of the vineyards, he got the idea that he too could get into winemaking. In 2009, he took over some old vineyard plots and began working part-time between the classroom and the vineyard, making wine in his garage. Today, the estate has 5 hectares of vineyards in the AOC Arbois, spread over 18 different parcels and 8 communes. Raphaël Monnier, together with his partner Marie Bourdon, works the soils as naturally as possible, and the winery is certified organic. The grapes are harvested by hand and the vinification is done in tank or in wooden barrels.
    Raphaël and Marie's wines are impressive in their character, if red wines in the Jura are often on the fruity side, the estate's old vines and autochthonous vines bring spicier notes and a pleasant rusticity. Avis de tempête is the name of the company Raphaël founded in 2017, when there was little to harvest in the Jura. Raphaël is experimenting for this exciting series of unique Négoce wines, whose grapes are exquisitely sourced from friends and come from different regions from vintage to vintage - pet-nats, longer macerations and unusual grape varieties for the hills of the Jura.