Patrick Bouju

    Patrick Bouju

    Frankreich / Auvergne

    Patrick discovered the world of natural wines thanks to his intolerance of sulphite and then through Courtois, Lapierre and Puzelat. In 1995, he took advantage of his military service in Bourgogne to complete an apprenticeship as a winemaker in Beaune. He then bought a few plots in Auvergne and began to make wine on a part-time basis, quietly observing the results until he was satisfied with them. In 2008, he devotes himself 100% to being a winemaker. Today, he is responsible for 7 hectares, including many aged vines, and every year he enjoys the grapes of friendly winemakers on the side. Because Patrick has a tireless love of experimentation, perhaps borrowing from his training as an engineer, he loves to take risks, to the point of saying goodbye to an entire cuvée if he doesn't like it.
    Even though he likes to vinify grapes he doesn't know and collaborate with other winemakers, Patrick's signature can be seen. He practices prioritizing terroir over fruit and stands for powerful spicy wines that lend themselves to aging. Although Patrick enjoys a high reputation today, he is still one of those winemakers who is free of convention and leads the way with great commitment, ceaselessly breaking down barriers and questioning himself. A generous winemaker who has helped many of the younger generation find their way, such as Aurélien Lefort, François Dhumes or Vincent Marie, to name but a few.
    An essential winemaker whose wines we are very happy to offer at jaja.