Patrice Beguet

    Patrice Beguet

    Frankreich / Jura

    In 2009, Patrice leaves the IT industry in Paris and returns to where he was born, the Jura, to pursue his dream of natural wine. He vinifies wine amidst the lush landscape of Mesnay. His 4 hectares of vineyards are located in the AOC Arbois and AOC Arbois Pupillin. Among them, one of the most sought-after slopes of Arbois, Les Corvées, and a parcel in the famous vineyards of the Côte de Feule in Pupillin.
    Inspired by his love of jazz and the diverse landscape of the Jura, he embraces experimentation to bring his electrifying, structured and complex wines to life. For texture and character, he likes to make use of extended maceration periods. Egg-shaped tanks, steel tanks and aged wood aid in maturation. Ultimately, the quality, ripeness and structural potential of the grapes determine the number and composition of the cuvées in each vintage.
    Patrice is a firm believer in minimal intervention and living close to nature. Surrounded by mountains, fields and forests, he strives to understand nature as much as possible and works and researches according to the methods of biology and biodynamics. When asked about his passion for biodynamics, Patrice replies, "It is a technique to have a more efficient approach to organic farming by working on the health, prevention and balance of the vines. The grapes are more resistant, give more complex flavors and ferment better." He rejects synthetic products; for himself, his children, his employees, his neighbors and his customers.
    For his Négoce wines, Patrice sources grapes from organic growers inside and outside the Jura.

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