Opi d'Aqui

    Opi d'Aqui

    Philippe Formentin

    Frankreich / Languedoc

    Philippe Formentin worked as an apprentice with winemaker Alain Chabanon in Languedoc for about ten years. He then decided to make wine abroad to explore other ways of working and a different viticultural environment. He even made wine in Russia! When he talks about it, he has to smile and says that the wine he vinified there is far from what he would like to drink himself. It was a big project with big investors.
    When he returned to France in 2011, he met Alain Coumont, who set his future on a new course by helping him build a cellar and create the Opi d'Aqui winery as we know it today. Currently, Phillippe vinifies about 9 hectares of vines annually from an organically certified parcel whose owner is a good acquaintance. He himself owns 0.5 hectares of Cinsault grapes. Philippe is an unstoppable and energetic person, just like his wine. It is important to him to preserve freshness in his southern wine, with the greatest possible acidity at maximum ripeness of the grapes.

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