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    Katie Worobeck


    We are very pleased to present the wines of Katie Worobeck, because for us she represents the future of wines from the Jura.
    Katie is from Ottawa in Canada and came to the region in 2017 to do a six-month internship with Jean-François Ganevat. The first few months are a shock; she discovers a new way of winemaking with Jean-François that is a far cry from her previous experiences in large conventional wineries, but she quickly realizes that this is the way she wants to make wine from now on, and the six-month internship turns into a full-time job for more than four years.
    During that time, she will buy a house in Orbagna and look for vineyards. Katie currently farms a tiny vineyard of just 0.92 hectares. This includes a small Gamay parcel, a tiny 80+ year old hybrid parcel, and just over half a hectare of Chardonnay on the very beautiful terroirs of Les Varrons, an area of about 10 hectares that is notable for being farmed entirely organically by its various owners, including Buronfosse, Ganevat, and Labet. When we met Katie, we were impressed by the mix of energy and serenity she exudes. This is very conducive to taking care of her vineyards, harvesting grapes and making her first cuvées while continuing to work at Ganevat. Long days for an extremely delicate and pure result found in very few bottles of wine.
    The good news is that this year Katie was able to acquire a 3-acre parcel of the five Jura grape varieties near Kenjiro Kagami's vineyards and will now devote her full attention to her winery.

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