Maison en belles lies

    Maison en belles lies

    Pierre Fenals

    Frankreich / Burgund

    Pierre Fenals had several careers before he came to wine. After postgraduate studies in organic chemistry and molecular biochemistry, he worked for pharmaceutical laboratories before switching to trading in the fashion and decoration industry. It wasn't until he was 52 that he decided to give it all up. His long passion for wine led him to study at the winemaking school in Beaune and then to settle in Saint-Aubin in 2009, after working for various winemakers in Burgundy and Beaujolais. Here he dedicates himself to biodynamics. He owns 2.5 hectares of vineyard and buys 3.5 hectares of grapes in addition. His production is between 200 and 220 hectolitres of wine on eleven appellations, five white and six red.

    "When I bought grapes, I chose sites that I liked. I visited the growers and asked them if they might have a small piece of vineyard for me." Today, he has 14 small pieces of vineyard of his choice.
    When it comes to vinification, Pierre Fenals is very careful and honest. "You can have beautiful organic grapes, but if you mess up in the winemaking process, it has no value," explains the winemaker, who relies on indigenous yeasts, vinifies without sulfur and uses no chemical additives. Above all, he gives free rein to time: "Fermentation is long, sometimes very long!" Pierre's wines are free and engaging.