Mai & Kenji Hodgson

    May - Kenji Hodgson

    Frankreich / Loire

    Kenji has learned to produce living wines on a small winery in Japan. Back to Canada, where he deals with a larger structure with the peculiarities of different approaches of the vinification, he gets to know May and they soon decide to move to France, with the idea to start their own winery with the idea there. 2009 Help Mark Angeli in the Anjou at the harvest. In 2010, Mark helps you to buy the first hectare of Grolleau in Rablay-sur-Layon. In 2011, 3 more hectares follow Chenin, which the two devote their time, next to the work for Mosse and Benoît Courault, in which they deepen their knowledge about pure winegrowing.
    With the steaded search for the best terroir in the Anjou, their parcels have evolved over the years and increased to 4 hectares. A plot, "Les Assigouins", situates next to the famous "Les Noëls de Montbault" by Leroy to get an idea of ​​the potential of this piece of land.
    Mai & Kenji vinifieren in one of their house equipped garage. The white wine is expanded in the barrique, the red wine in Fibertank. As usual in the natural winemaking, neither clarified nor filtered and sulfite is not even used in microdosis. The whole process runs in respectful handicrafts and with soft restraint towards the grapes. The result is less than 10 000 bottles per year, which quickly distribute global lovers. We are very pleased to offer a few of these bottles in Germany.