les Jardins de Theseiis

    Jardin de Theseiis

    Paul-André Risse und Anouk Lavoie-Lamoureux

    France / Loire

    Paul-André Risse and Anouk Lavoie-Lamoureux are trained biologists and did research in the field of respiratory diseases before deciding to change careers to become winemakers out of a passion for wine and nature.
    After studying viticulture and gaining some experience in winemaking and viticulture in conventional wineries in Canada, they made the decision to return to Europe with the desire to work exclusively in organic viticulture. In 2016, they found happiness with Bruno Allion, a pioneer of natural viticulture in his region, who was looking for successors for his winery after his retirement. They took over 4.9 hectares of superbly tended vineyards, which have been farmed biodynamically since 1997, interspersed with fruit trees and small vegetable plots, but also an authentic chai built on the principle of working by gravity, and traditional cellars dug directly into the sandstone hills.
    After a 2017 vintage in collaboration with Bruno Allion, they made their first vintage on their own in 2018. It was this vintage that we had discovered at a wine fair and were so excited about. The 2019 tasted at their place confirmed our idea that Anouk and Paul-André hold great artistry in their vinifications and in their choices. From the beginning, they decided to make single-vineyard vintages with their Sauvignons to better showcase the different terroirs. They also chose to age their wines for a long time. The results are of great precision and their technicality allows them to experiment with certain cuvées. It is hard to believe that they have only three vintages behind them.

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