La Vinoterie

    La Vinoterie

    Jean-Marie Brousset

    Frankreich / Loire

    From 2010 to 2016, Jean-Marie Brousset made wine in collaboration with Julien Delrieu and Thibaut Ducleux under the name Les Roches Sèches. At the end of this collaboration, he was given 4.2 hectares of the estate for his solo project. Jean-Marie has a good mix of pragmatism and experimentation. Health problems, a hip prosthesis, have forced him to mechanize some of the work of the winemaker, especially the work in the vineyard. For example, he has built steel containers that fit on the mechanical arm of his tractor to make it easier to transport grapes from harvest to cellar. In his cellar, he is much more experimental than in the days of Les Roches Sèches, when they took a more classical approach to winemaking. He offers unusual blends for the region, such as his "White Rabbit", a blend of Chenin and Chardonnay, which gives this wine a wonderful balance. So does his "Red Red Wine" made from Grolleau, Cabernet Franc and Chenin, a smooth and fruity red wine.
    Jean-Marie Brousset's ingenuity and agricultural craftsmanship immediately captivated us, his drive to offer precise wines with character is omnipresent in the vinoterie.

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