La Vinicola di Gismondi

    La Vinicola di Gismondi

    Annabel & Antonio Gismondi

    Italien / Campania

    The Gismondi family has been cultivating their 2 hectares of land in Campania for several generations. The mixed cultivation includes olives, vegetables and vines and most of the production was for their own use, including the wine. In 2015, Antonio and Annabel began experimenting with winemaking on their own and received a recommendation from winemaker friend Partida Creus that they push their production further and they used the land to plant more vines.

    2018 was the first official harvest and in January 2020, they already presented their wines to the world by showing their wines at one of the most famous natural winemakers in France, Babass, at an off-wine fair hosted by LA DIVE BOUTEILLE. Antonio has been in the restaurant business for a long time and has built a second career as a winemaker on the side, which is already in full bloom. The Gismondis work with the grape varieties Falanghina, Malvasia di Candia, Sangiovese, Merlot and Freisa for a production of about 14,000 bottles.

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