La Grapperie

    La Grapperie

    Renaud Guettier

    Frankreich / Loire

    Renaud Guettier is a discreet winemaker, but his wines are among the most expressive in the Loire Valley.
    In addition to his profession as a farmer, he founded the vinery La Grapperie in 2004 with half a hectare, which now covers over 6 hectares. His vines, which range from 70 to 115 years old, are spread over 25 tiny plots, many of which he has saved from desolation with great effort and skill. Renaud has pieced together this wealth over the years, buying tiny vineyards around his Bueil-en-Touraine home whenever an opportunity presented itself. The strength of the ancient vines are the starting point of his winemaking.
    The harvest is done by hand and when the grapes are fully ripe, to the impressive limestone cellar they are transported by horse. He was also one of the first to cultivate the vineyards in the AOC Coteaux de Loire again with horses.
    The grapes are gently pressed, the aging is long to very long. Everything has its time at La Grapperie, as Renaud seeks a natural stabilization of his wines, resulting in some of his cuvées spending up to 60 months in barrique.
    If, like us, you are a fan of Chenin Blanc and Pineau d'Aunis, do not hesitate to taste Renaud's wines, because they are among the most impressive from the Loire Valley. A universe of lush yellow fruit, flint and vibrant ripe acidity, juicy red fruit, peppery notes and well formed tannins.