L’Absurde Génie des Fleurs

    The Absurd Genius of Flowers

    Tom & Miha

    Frankreich / Languedoc

    Behind the absurd genius of Flowers are Tom and Miha, a young energetic and imaginative couple from France and Romania. They vinified their first vintage in 2018 and have made impressive progress since. Their biggest challenge is finding high quality, healthy vines. They are well advised by Axel Prüfer and show great talent and creativity in applying that to winemaking. In the wines they look to emphasize the aromatic side rather than the structure and power that Languedoc grapes can give. Every year we are impressed by the low alcohol content of their wines, often below 11%.
    On the side they have a project to promote Romanian viticulture and are already encouraging some winemakers there to practice natural viticulture and above all to be proud of their wine, which can be very good. A project worth following and, above all, wines worth discovering. The production of each wine today is still less than 1000 bottles.

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