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    Jasmin Swan

    Deutschland / Mosel

    In 2019, at the age of 29, Jasmin Swan made her first vintage in the Mosel region, in the cellar of Staffelter Hof in Kröv. Currently she owns one parcel of Riesling in the Mosel, the rest of the grapes she buys from vintners with whom she is in good contact and exchange in Germany and France, especially Alsace and the French Mosel. A native of Düsseldorf, she has spent a lot of time in Iceland, where she has made inspiring friendships in gastronomy for her future career. It is also the first country to which she sold her first vintage. Jasmin's wines are just like her, very energetic with a strong, direct, honest personality. She works closely with Jan Klein of Staffelter Hof and many other talented winemakers in Germany and France, such as Andi Mann, Piri Nature and Domaine du Mazel. Buying grapes from other countries allows her to travel more and gather knowledge to creatively reflect in her wines.

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