Jean-Pierre Rietsch

    Jean-Pierre Rietsch

    Frankreich / Elsass

    Although the Rietsch family has been based in Mittelbergheim in Alsace since the 17th century, the Rietsch winery was not founded until the early 1970s and is now run by Jean-Pierre Rietsch. Since 2006, he has dedicated himself to the production of natural wines, first with a Pinot Noir and two vintages later also with white wines. At the same time, the conversion to organic farming took place.
    We have been drinking Jean-Pierre's wines for certainly a good ten years and have followed the development, where more and more cuvées are vinified as pure juice without sulfur and some white wines are fermented with the skins. His wines have always been elegant but have gained depth and purity over the years and have become a reference not only in Alsace but throughout France and beyond.

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