Domaines des Cavarodes

    Domaines des Cavarodes

    Etienne Thiebaud

    Frankreich / Jura

    Etienne Thiebaud founded Domaine Cavarodes in 2007, after a few years working for Pascal and Evelyne Clairet the Domaine de la Tournelle.

    He has settled in the north of Arbois in Cramans, on the edge of the Loue, a picturesque river that marks the border between the departments of Jura and Doubs. Still in his twenties, he becomes one of the young stars of the Jura wine scene and a sensation for natural wine enthusiasts, because his wines are outrageously pure and reflect their terroir in a haunting way. And also a little bit because it is not easy to get some of the small production.

    Etienne was lucky enough to acquire parcels of land in the Jura where vines have lived for up to 120 years. These pieces of land are co-planted with various ancient rare varieties that come across as curiosities even to nurseries in the Jura and beyond. Etienne's vineyards have been cultivated organically from their beginnings.

    All wines age leisurely in large wooden barrels. The grapes are destemmed by hand. The red wines are fermented in half carbonic maceration and not treated with sulfur dioxide.

    For the small size of his winery, Etienne has elaborated an amazing variety of cuvées, some of which bear the name of the soil type or fossil found in the soil and others the name of the vineyard where they were grown.

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