Domaine in Black

    Domaine in Black

    Lambert Spielmann

    Frankreich / Elsass

    Meeting winemakers for the first time after enjoying their wines at a wine fair is always an exciting experience. Meeting Lambert Spielmann was love at first sight. He is such a lovely winemaker who, with his kindness and sensitivity, has a motivating long-term vision. It is not surprising that during a visit to François Saint-Lô's collective project in Anjou, he and Elsa, to whom he is engaged, had the desire to realize such a project also in Alsace, where Lambert originally comes from. In Alsace, it is very difficult to settle down if you are not born into a winemaking family, but after his training, Lambert started working for a large winery. In 2018, they were able to set up shop in Epfig, with the 2 hectares of vines spread over eight different plots that his former boss had leased to him. The vineyards have been certified organic for over 20 years.
    Today Lambert has 2.5 hectares, he does not ask for more, he wants to be able to work everything on his own, with an economy of means. They live above the wine cellar, which is an old garage, and he vinifies with little equipment, which he buys as needed. But they want to enlarge the space for receiving, and with Elsa they are looking for the right property to run a gîte. It is to become a lively place where Elsa's massage techniques find a common space with Lambert's love of music.
    But beware, behind the apparent nonchalance lies a formidable winemaker. Grapes are pressed slowly and gently, macerations are often thought of as infusions, everything is reflective and steady. Gravity replaces heavy machinery. All this peacefulness is found in the bottle, pure gentle wine with a core of pure energy, giving an impression of Alsace at its most modern.