Domaine Goepp

    Domaine Goepp

    Clément & Sylvain Goepp


    Clément and Sylvain are the third generation of the Goepp family to take care of the winery, which was founded in the 50s. The two brothers complement each other perfectly, as one studied viticulture and the other trained as a landscape gardener. They are part of this new generation of young winemakers who are taking over the family winery, challenging traditions and taking advantage of the magnificent terroirs of Alsace to make complex, deep, sometimes quaffable and, above all, very original wines. To transform the family winery, they decided to get certified as an organic winery in 2020 and to vinify their wines without oenological aids in order to express the grape and the terroir in the best possible way. The result is inspiring and it can be said that this is just the beginning for them.

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