Dobrá Vinice

    Dobrá Vinice

    Petr Nejedlík & Andrea Nejedlikova

    Czech Republic / Moravia

    Dobrá Vinice is one of the pioneers of natural wine production in Czech. They have their vineyards in the Podýjí National Park, which has a distinctive character resulting from the Paleozoic soil. The terroir and their craft produce wines with pure energy and depth. It was their Petillant Naturel, the first vintage, that totally captivated us. It remains one of our favorite sparkling wines to this day. Moravia is a booming region for natural wine and we have them to thank for that. Andrea and Petr are also very interested in the Georgian way of making wine in amphorae. They also use acacia barrels instead of oak, which is common in this wine region. But their cellar is full of amphorae and thanks to years of experimentation they manage to press a very fine-structured, long macerated wine!

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