Clos des Plantes

    Clos des Plantes

    Frankreich / Loire

    Olivier Lejeune

    After 10 years in the gaming industry in Southeast Asia, Olivier wants to change his life and starts an education at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, covering viticulture. After successfully graduating, he went to work for the well-known New Zealand winery Felton Road.
    In 2017, Olivier returned to France to establish himself in Anjou, with some help from Mark Angeli, who offers advice and support to many young winemakers. After sifting through a few vineyards, Olivier decides to take on 3 hectares, including a few parcels of Chenin on the Colline de Montbenault, adjacent to Richard Leroy's parcels.
    However, his new vineyard had been left to its own devices for years. With respect for the nature of the vines and an enormous amount of manual labour, over 12 months he brings the vines to a cultivable state. This is the source of his first cuvée "Poësis".
    After we discovered Poësis at a wine salon, we soon went to Olivier's, fascinated by this special first vintage, and we could also taste Pelo (Cabernet Franc) and WakaPiripiri Mai (Chenin) there. All three cuvées are wines of high quality, in line with the calm and scientific approach of this promising winemaker.

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