Château Lestignac

    Château Lestignac

    Camille und Mathias Marquet

    Frankreich / Sud-Ouest

    Camille and Mathias Marquet live in Sigoulès, near Bergerac. There, they have taken over Mathias' grandfather's vineyards, which have been present in his family since 1617. Two years later, Château Lestignac has converted to organic viticulture and the two create a polyculture to favor a diverse environment. There they can harvest nettles, horsetail, wattle willow or fern to prepare infusions suitable to vitalize the vines so that they are best equipped to defend themselves against diseases and parasites.
    Although the estate is located in the hot Sud-Ouest, the wines of Camille and Mathias have a freshness, finesse and elegance reminiscent of Burgundy. Tannin is always present but fine, the wines delight with high drinkability, are supple and bursting with crisp ripe fruit.

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