Catherine Riss

    Catherine Riss


    Catherine Riss, daughter of innkeepers who for the time being nothing predisposed to viticulture, began the adventure in 2012 with about 1.3 hectares of vineyards, after obtaining a diploma in oenology and working with Lucas Rieffel and Antoine Kreydenweiss. In 2015, she moved to her own premises. Today, Catherine Riss farms 3.5 hectares, mostly in Reichsfeld, a village on the heights of the Vosges, west of Nothalten, where she also owns some plots. The slopes there are steep, the sandstone soils are gravelly, and the climate at 400 meters above sea level is cooler than usual in Alsace. The vineyards have been certified organic since 2018 and they are farmed biodynamically.
    Diligent and precise, Catherine works primarily toward mineral extraction and a dry balance in her wines. It is the remarkable work in the vineyards and an increasingly biodynamic approach that give her wines an amazing typicity, honest fruitiness and a profound harmony and minerality.

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