Jason Groebe

    Deutschland / Rheinhessen

    "The profession is a passion and a life's work. Because you can realize yourself, bring your own style, your own stuff on the bottle. And when the vibe of the wine grabs people, it's even more awesome. If they still have that twinkle in their eye at the end, then you've done everything right," Jason says. He makes wine with heart and soul. It's not only his profession, but also his hobby. He grew up with wine in Westhofen, on the traditional family vineyard with the best sites. However, he decided to deal with wine as late as in 2011, during an internship at Wittmanns in Rheinhessen. Then came the viticulture studies in Geisenheim and during that time a lot of motivation, thirst for knowledge and the open-hearted support of his parents, who trustingly accompany Jason's forward-looking ideas of winemaking. From a clique with Wörner, Mann, Weigand and Dexheimer, the Geisenheim Crew was born and suddenly something was moving in the German wine world. "As much as necessary, as little as possible" is the guideline. That means manual labor, fermenting everything spontaneously, adding nothing, no yeasts, no fining agents, nothing but the grape and the craft. Doing the work in the vineyard and taking a step back in the cellar. Respect nature! That's how it becomes top stuff, the friends agree. But it's also about community, cohesion and meaning. They want to inspire a new generation for wine and show that it is worthwhile to go on a voyage of discovery beyond the classical wine world. We are excited to see how Jason's wines become more and more grandiose with each new year of experience!

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