Belly Wine Experiment

    Claire Sage & Aimé Duveau


    The Auvergne is a magical region, not only for the quality of its wines, and now, to our great pleasure, a new generation of winemakers is emerging there, including Belly Wine Experiment. Behind this name is a duo that we are following closely because their first vintage is already so promising. Claire Sage and Aimé Duveau are both keen to experiment, to test and to offer cuvees with a lot of character. Their wines contain local grape varieties like Gamay d'Auvergne, but also Xarel-Lo, Riesling or Terret Bourret, and each time the blends hit the mark, surprise and inspire. They work and live together with friends, with the idea of fostering a community where people can learn from each other and where mutual support between the different wineries of the region is a matter of course.

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