Aurélien Lefort

    Aurélien Lefort

    Frankreich / Auvergne

    Being as meticulous as possible to make wines that are as free as possible is one of the ideas that come to mind when we meet Aurélien. There is something fascinating about him, between complexity and tension, he strives towards sensual perfection while having total control over all facets of his profession, whether it is the work in the vineyard, in the cellar, or the labels that he designs himself. Everything is kept in such a way that, in the end, the grape can best express itself and the magic in the bottle takes its course. For each vintage and for each cuvée, Aurélien asks himself questions and vinifies according to the grapes harvested. There is no compromise for the easy way with him. The result is wines of great intensity.
    Aurélien moved to Auvergne in 2011, after studying art and a 2-year apprenticeship with Michel Auger of Domaine Les Maisons Brûlées in the Loire. The fact that he settled in Auvergne is thanks to Patrick Bouju, with whom he worked for a time and who gave him his first vine, but also to the wines from the winemakers he loves.
    Today he works several plots, with a great variety of soils, by hand. The grape harvest is also done by hand, Aurélien carries out a drastic sorting of the grapes, the wines are obtained without the addition of chemicals in the cellar or at bottling and are the result of a more or less long maceration, sometimes up to eight months. Aurélien's wines do not leave indifferent, they are unique.

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