Apple children is low intervention Cider! Their cider is produced with local apples according to the traditional methods of culting.
    Apple children started as a hobby project with local apples pressed by hand in a Berlin kitchen. The first batch was made from an old German apple variety from a small field in the Oderbruch, Brandenburg. The idea was to make the best possible cider from 100% fruit, using the traditional methods of secretion and without adding artificial flavours or chemicals. After a positive feedback from Berliner Sommeliers, they began to cooperate with small farmers to buy apples and produce Cider on a larger scale and to sell to restaurants and wine merchants. Apple children are now on the menu of several Michelin restaurants and can be drunk in Berlin's Natural Wine Bar.
    All apples are covered by small pest-free fields around Brandenburg. The pure apple juice is poured into small tanks before a second fermentation takes place in the bottle. After several months of ripening on the yeast, it is degorged by hand. Apple children produce 1000-1500 bottles of cider per year.
    These cicadas are dry, mineral and complex and can be enjoyed pure, but also fit well to eat and are an alternative to the cult.

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