Andi Mann

    Andi Mann

    Deutschland / Rheinhessen

    At this point, a word from the winemaker himself: "For me, natural wines are about openness and intensity of taste, and that's what I want to show with my wines. I want to produce wines that show where they come from; and if they can show that for a long time - that is my dream and my goal. Wines that have really impressed and inspired me are from Domaine de Saint Pierre, Matassa, Rietsch and Werlitsch. But of course there are many, many more. I want to bring the energy of the vineyards into the bottle. I want people to be able to taste that energy. The first step to achieve that, for me, is to have the awareness. There is energy everywhere, you just have to see it and transform it. That's why I try to observe and understand my vineyards to find their true character. All the details I observe in the vineyards let me decide how to help maximize life and how to behave with the grapes. All the environments and information I get throughout the year show me what wine might come out of a particular vineyard. It's never certain that every wine (or better yet, every idea) will result from every year. Maximizing the life of the key. It is the most important part in my winemaking process. To me, it's the only way to get a wine that doesn't need any additives or only a minimum of sulfur to become a shining star and truly show the provenance of the grapes. Making good natural wines is about maximizing the biodiversity in the soil by watching the greening and paying attention to the microbiology as a whole. Increasing life is the basis and the path to a confident natural wine that reveals its terroir.
    Everything you do with the grapes after growing and harvesting is a matter of style, which of course is also very important.
    Along the way, maximizing life makes us feel better. Every day that I work with people and learn how to increase life in my vineyards, I can see life and its circles - and discovering the circles between the circles makes me happy. Seeing life and experiencing its circles is the most beautiful thing about my job for me and the reason why I do and love what I do"

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