Melanie Drese und Michael Völker

    Deutschland / Franken

    In 2012, Melanie Drese and Michael Völker started to take care of the Völker family winery, which was founded in 1843 in the middle of the small Bavarian town of Kitzingen. Working in London and New York, in scientific publishing, they got to know and love the kind of wine that gave them the necessary motivation to dare a complete new start. From a project of initially three small barrels, to the first official vintage in 2015, there are now 6 hectares of organic vines in their care. The soils get full attention. Wild growing and seeded herbs and plants enliven the humus layer, various fertilizer experiments such as stone meal and charcoal or compost stimulate fertility, sheep keep the vegetation in check. Living soil means living vines, powerful, resistant and deeply rooted they give the wine what it needs to inspire. Melanie and Michael always look at their terroir with an interest in learning and trying new things, with the objective of making really honest wine from healthy grapes.
    The first vintage of the red bat really excited us and for us it was clear that Melanie and Michael are pioneers of a new German wave of vintners who want to dust off the codes. With wines that are lively, cheerful and free according to the motto "nothing out, nothing in". All this not without great respect for nature and culture.

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