Meet Decideret 🍎

Meet Decideret 🍎

Saturday 27.11.2021 4pm to 8pm

On Saturday we invite you to meet the 3 guys from Copenhagen to learn more about their work and taste the variety of their creations.

Decideret produce the finest Danish cider, always with the idea of pushing the boundaries of what cider can be. They prove that cider can be as complex and vinous as wine, as sparkling as Pet’Nat’, as tart as lambic and as fruity as freshly squeezed juice.

The organically grown apples are crushed and pressed, the juice is spontaneously fermented and the cider is bottled without further intervention. Some ciders are drunk young, others gain complexity as they mature in oak or through macerations with apple pomace or fruits such as cherries or grapes. The emphasis in production is on craftsmanship, experimentation and reducing food waste.


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