Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais Nouveau

For Gamay lovers, if there is one Thursday that is awaited more than any other in the year, it is the third Thursday of November, the day of the Beaujolais Nouveau*.
This year it falls on November 18th and it is impossible for us to miss this celebration which is above all an occasion to meet and spend a joyful and festive moment around a glass. 
In Paris, there are two ways to spend this day, one is to choose a place and stay there all evening and the other, our favourite, is to have fun moving from one place to another, to vary the atmosphere and make new impromptu encounters and this is what we want to propose to you to do this year in a mini Kreuzkölln Beaujolais Nouveau 2021 tour in association with our friends jaja Berlin and Lager Lager, with whom we share the same primeurs on their menu.
We will be pouring bottles of Romuald Valot's Beaujolais Nouveau. But the year was terrible for the Beaujolais region, as in many other regions, the harvest was very bad and many winemakers did not make any primeur (or very few) preferring to keep the few grapes they harvested for their classic cuvées. To make sure that no-one dries out, we will also propose another primeur, this one coming from the Rhône Valley, the « Prime » from the super talented Soulier brothers, a primeur that they propose only in Magnum this vintage, a fruit bomb with 10% alcohol.
To get in the mood and for take away bottles, start your tour at return of the living wine at 4pm, then head over to jaja to strengthen your Beaujolais Nouveau with a solid meal, after that end your tour « en toute beauté » at lager lager with typical late night snacks for the the fully Beaujolais Nouveau experience.

*Beaujolais Nouveau is the most famous "primeur" wine. A primeur is a wine that has been bottled shortly after the harvest, once the fermentation is finished. It is a very fruity wine, made to be drunk as fresh as it comes.

We look forward to seeing you there to toast with us from 4pm and long live the Gamay! 

2G+ (fully vaccinated +a valid test) is mandatory

Artwork:  @yaya__4ever

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