Interview Aurélien Lefort
Winery Foundation: 2012Area: Around 2 hectaresProduction: Between 2000 and 4000 bottlesWine-growing region: AuvergneMunicipality: MadriatSites: Le Pré clos (30 ares), Les Jalades (6 ares), Lamouret (29 ares), Le Bachat (40 ares), Les Chirouzes (7 ares), La Quaire (12 ares), La Condami...
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Die Maus aus dem Anjou verjagen.
We took advantage of our recent visits to Anjou to talk to some winemakers about mousiness* and their ideas for preventing it.* Mousiness is a microbiological off-flavour in wine, reminiscent of mouse smell and peanut taste, among other things. It...
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Reden wir über Bier!
We spoke with Jenia Semenova and Corbin Crnkovic of The Muted Horn about their passion for beer. Natural wine is often equated with craft beer. From production to enjoyment, the nose, the palate, the body sensation and drinking habits, how...
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